In 2016 the Victorian Government approved new legislation regarding the safety of children in response to the ‘Abuse of Trust’ inquiry into child abuse.
Known as the Child Safe Standards, this legislation emphasizes the importance of protecting all children from harm and clear outlines the responsibilities of all workers who are involved with children.
As a State Primary School we take this responsibility very seriously and have created new school policies related to the Child Safe Standards.  Our new Child Safety Policy and Child Safety – Code of Conduct have been approved by School Council and added to our website for the information of our community. Updates have also been made to our Mandatory Reporting Policy, Duty of Care Policy and the Statement of School Philosophy so they also reflect the Child Safe Standards.
These policies outline the expectations for our whole school community and makes it known that we do not and will not accept child abuse in any form.
We encourage all members of the Amsleigh Park Community to familiarise themselves with our school policies related to the Child Safe Standards.