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Thank you for visiting Amsleigh Park Primary school online.

I am proud to be part of this vibrant and progressive school community and am sure you will find lots of really helpful and important information through the pages of this site.

Amsleigh Park was born from the union of East Oakleigh and Amstel Primary Schools back in the early 1990’s. Tucked away behind the East Oakleigh Shopping Village, the school is  known as Oakleigh’s hidden gem. Never has a description been so true.  The School’s purpose to “provide a safe, supportive and dynamic learning environment through high quality teaching that enables all students to be responsible, independent and resilient learners, well prepared for an evolving global future” is lived and demonstrated every day.  Through this vision, teachers and support staff help to empower students across classroom learning and broader community activities.  The Student Representative Council is a great example of this in action. Students are able to demonstrate their leadership and responsibility through activities as varied as suggestions for school improvements to proactively fundraising for worthy causes throughout the year.  I’m particularly impressed with the students commitment to social responsibility; in 2016 they have created awareness for causes such as the “Sleep Bus” aiding the homeless, Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) and the Indigenous literacy. Together the student body contributed to raising a total of approximately $10,000 for these causes;  truly an “Our Best Always” effort.

The teaching staff at Amsleigh are among the most committed people I have met.  In addition to their daily responsibilities as facilitators of learning and social cohesion, our teachers are committed to a broad and comprehensive extra curricular program.  Children at the school reap the benefits of this commitment through activities such as:

  • “Leigh Club” Choir
  • School Aerobics Program
  • Comprehensive Outdoor Education Program starting with Year 2 “sleepover’ through to the Grade 6 full week camp
  • Participation in University of New South Wales Award program
  • Subscriptions to Reading Eggs and Mathletics program
  • Opportunities to be recognised in the Kiwani’s “Teriffic Kids” program
  • Music, dance, self expression, drama and public speaking through the annual School Production
  • Opportunities to lead school assemblies
  • Music Program
  • Wise Ones Program
  • and many more…

Of course, Amsleigh Park has a strong focus on all the core curriculum areas you would expect of a great state school, Literacy, Mathematics, ICT, Physical Ed, Inquiry, The Arts and Language. Under the leadership of Principal, Michael Cormick and his team, Amsleigh is helping to grow the leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to our school.
Gregory Dellas
School Council President

School Council

The School Council is made up of 8 parents members, 3 staff members and the Principal.

The School Council oversees the financial and general organization of the school.

The School Council has a number of sub committees and these include:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Parents
  • Marketing

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School Council Information


Strategic Plan

Amsleigh Park Primary School aims to provide an attractive, secure and stimulating educational environment to which children are eager and excited to come and learn.
We as a school:

  • Believe in the promotion of endeavour, self esteem and excellence amongst individuals in out school community.
  • Believe in the importance of a partnership between children, parents, teachers and the local community.
  • Believe in a caring, unified and responsive school environment, where the individual needs of children are met, and where all children, whatever the level of their ability, are treated with respect and are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Believe that each child has the right to learn, the right to feel safe and the right to equal opportunity for success in their endeavours.
  • Believe that each teacher has the right to teach, the right to feel safe and the right to be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Believe that the school curriculum should be adaptable and reflect the future needs of our society.
  • Believe that a variety of teaching methods should be used, depending upon individual students situations, including the fostering of the inquiring mind, developmental learning and practical experiences.

Amsleigh Park is a place to be proud of, where out motto “Our Best Always” is a real part of our school life.