School Tours

Amsleigh Park welcomes prospective families to take a tour of our school. School tours with the Principal are undertaken weekly and take approximately 60 minutes. During the tour parents have the opportunity to view the broad range of educational programs on offer and also visit our classes as they go through their normal school day. We invite you to take a tour of our school and view for yourself the wonderful school environment we offer.

Please phone the school on 9544 1553 to book in for a tour or for more information about our school.

Virtual Tours

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Information about Enrolment for Foundation (Prep) in 2025

Our school zone

Our school zone is available on findmyschool.vic.gov.au which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria.

Students residing within our school zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.

Our school manages enrolments using the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and may enrol at another school, if there are available places.

For more information, you can:

Foundation (Prep) enrolments

The Department of Education (DE) has a state wide Foundation (Prep) enrolment timeline.

The timeline advises families when and how to enrol their child into Foundation (Prep) at a Victorian government primary school, including Amsleigh Park Primary School.

You can find information and resources about the enrolment timeline and procedures at: Enrolling in Foundation (Prep).

The new timeline will apply for children starting Foundation (Prep) in 2025. All government primary schools will follow the new timeline in 2024 to support Foundation (Prep) enrolments for the 2025 school year.

You can find information and resources about the new timeline, including factsheets, at: Enrolling in Foundation (Prep). You can also download the ‘Foundation (Prep) Enrolment Information Pack for Parents/Carers for the 2025 school year’ from the Starting School webpage (available from 15 April 2024).

You will be able to apply to enrol your child in Foundation (Prep) 2024 at Amsleigh Park Primary School from 15 April 2024.

What you need to do:

  1. Contact our school general office to book a school tour or to learn more about our school and the enrolment application process
  2. Visit https://students.educationapps.vic.gov.au/s/ to create an account and complete the online application form for Foundation (Prep) by Friday 26 July 2024.
  3. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by Friday 9 August 2024.
  4. If you receive an offer of placement, you should contact our school to accept the offer by Friday 23 August 2024.
  5. Take part in enrolment information and transition sessions during Term 4, 2024.
  6. Your child will start Foundation (Prep) from Tuesday 28 January 2025.

Enrolment applications submitted after 26 July 2024 will be processed by our school as they are received, in accordance with the department’s Placement Policy.

Check which school is your local school using the ‘find my school’ website.

Foundation Transition

Starting school is an exciting time for all children and at Amsleigh Park we have a well-structured orientation program that supports each child as they transition from pre-school to primary school.

We are committed to ensuring that all students are well prepared to start primary school and each year we offer our new Foundation students 5 special visits to Amsleigh Park PS.

Following feedback from pre-schools in 2020, our Foundation orientation will commence in the final month of the school year. This recognizes that children in 4YO kindergarten may become unsettled if their transition to primary school commences too early. Please see the attached flyer for Foundation Transition dates for 2024 sessions commencing on later in the year.

The five visits are designed to gently introduce children to school life and teaching staff. Once children have participated in these sessions they normally feel very comfortable in our school environment and look forward to commencing the following year.

Our caring Foundation teaching staff are also available to discuss any specific needs your child might have and you should make contact with them to organise a meeting time.

Please contact the office to make an appointment or discuss with our Foundation teachers at the transition sessions.

We look forward to welcoming our future students and their families to Amsleigh Park Primary School.

How to Enrol

How To Enrol At APPS VicStudents

Digital Enrolment Parent Carer Guide Foundation 2025

  1. Contact or visit the school to book a tour.
  2. Visit https://students.educationapps.vic.gov.au/s/ to create an account and complete the online application from by Friday 26 July 2024. Please complete this at your earliest convenience.
  3. We will then review the information submitted and be in contact with you by Friday 9 August 2024in line with the statewide enrolment timeline.
  4. You should accept one enrolment offer by Friday 23 August 2024.  When accepting an offer, you will be required to provide additional personal and health information to VicStudents that will be shared with us at Amsleigh Park.




Parent Testimonial

“We were in a position to send our son to a private school but decided to look into Amsleigh Park Primary as it was so close to our home. After meeting the principal and teachers and seeing the facilities at the school, it became an obvious choice for us to send him to Amsleigh Park. And it’s a choice we’ve not regretted. Amsleigh Park is a fantastic small community school where students’ differences are readily accepted, and achievements whether academic or otherwise are celebrated. Our son’s teacher is incredibly enthusiastic and genuinely interested in his academic progress and emotional wellbeing. We’d happily recommend the school to any new parents and students.”  (Parent of Prep, 2019)

I would definitely recommend Amsleigh Park Primary School as a community-orientated and very friendly school to send your children to. It is fantastic to say goodbye to my children in the morning knowing they will be cared for by a dedicated and caring teacher who knows all of my family on a first name basis.The prep transition program was thorough and friendly making it easy to connect to other new families. Any questions or inquiries I’ve ever had have been quickly and professionally followed up.
(Prep parent 2020)

We have been a parent of 3 children at Amsleigh Park Primary School since 2012 and have another 5 years ahead of us. Since joining the school community we have felt welcome, safe and confident in the education of our children. The staff at Amsleigh Park Primary are honestly so invested in our children and their development and we are so grateful that we choose APPS. The school is very well managed with an excellent Principal in Mr Cormick and Vice Principal in Miss Carr who are always prepare to listen to any concerns we have had. The facilities are outstanding and the school is always looking for ways to improve the grounds for our kids.
One other thing that stands out at APPS is the community support. We are extremely lucky to have a great community who help the school to be what it is. We are indebted to APPS for the growth in our children and look forward to their continued support and community involvement for many years to come.
(Parents Sonya and Tim)