Our Grade 2s enjoyed a fantastic night at their 2019 sleepover. Kicking off at 5.30pm on Friday night we all enjoyed lots of fun and games including an aerobics session and the traditional game of poison ball with our giant ball. Following a delicious feast from our local Pizza shop, we enjoyed a disco then a night walk, discovering lots of tiny magical ‘unicorns’ living all around our school grounds. After a busy night everyone was tired and settled in for a movie before it was time to ‘hit the sack’. The Grade 2 sleepover is part of our School Camping (Outdoor Education) Program, and is an important stepping stone for our students that prepares them for their first overnight camp in Grade 3. Huge thanks to the many staff who made this event such a great success, generously giving up a Friday night to provide this opportunity. Well done to our awesome Grade 2s who have now conquered their first night of school camp.