Amsleigh Park Primary School


Located in the quiet suburban streets of Oakleigh East, Amsleigh Park Primary School is the local school of choice. Our dedicated and caring staff focus on developing the ‘whole child’ with a balance of; academic learning, social-emotional development and the provision of a range of quality extra-curricular programs. Our staff pride themselves on providing high quality programs that engage our children in their learning and instil the essential skills that will enable them to become lifelong learners.

Our vision ‘To provide a supportive, engaging learning environment through high quality teaching that enables all students to reach their full potential as lifelong, resilient learners well prepared for an evolving global future, ’ is embedded in all our programs.

In 2016 we will continue to focus on our 5 core values: Respect, Integrity, Motivation, Tolerance and Empathy ensuring that we are, at all times, living up to our school motto ‘Our Best Always!’

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Tributes Concert

The great Hammer Hall in the Arts Centre Melbourne hosted ‘Tributes’, a special concert of school performers this week. Students from many primary and secondary schools in North East region joined in to showcase their musical talent and love of singing, including 25...

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Principal for a Day

Monday 30th April was an exciting day for one Amsleigh Park Primary School student. After a very competitive election process, Miss Juliett was elected to be Principal for a day. This process only happens every two years, and it’s a great honour to win the right to...

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Our New Lift Shaft

A large crane dominated the skyline at Amsleigh Park PS this week as the external concrete structure for our lift shaft was constructed. It was fascinating to watch the ease with which the crane lifted huge slabs of pre-formed concrete into place, with many students...

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School Upgrade Project